Buddhist Studies

  1. The application form for admission, accommodation (students can opt to stay outside campus) and medical examination form (all can be downloaded under the attachment at end of this page).
  2. Photocopies of ID card and passport together with 4 passport-sized photos;
  3. For B.A. applicants: certified senior high school certificate or above;
  4. For M.A. applicants: certified B.A certificate;
  5. For Ph.D applicants: certified B.A and M.A. certificates;
  6. A medical certificate of fitness
  7. A copy of Letter of reference
  8. A copy of Guaranteed letter on good character by the abbot of a temple (for Sangha student)

All the documents mentioned above should be mailed to the address below. You can also email them first.

Educational Assistance:
Students who need financial support can apply to the Klintiendharm Foundation for educational assistance.

Please download the Bursary Application Form from the section Educational Assistance and send the filled form together with the other documents to the College; the Bursary Application Form will be redirected to the Klintiendharm Foundation on your behalf.

Please send your application form(s) and all required documents to:

International Buddhist College (Sadao) Campus
88, Mu 2, Thung Mo Subdistrict,
Khuan Sato, Amphoe Sadao,
Songkhla 90240, Thailand

You also can email them first to : ibc.admin2007@gmail.com

Both the application for admission and educational assistance will be processed together. Applicants may be called for interview. We will inform the applicants the date and venue for the interview.