Information for New Students

Listed below are several issues the new students need to be aware of

Three important issues:

(1) For Information on Accommodation, Please read
Information on Accommodations

(2) For Fees,
Information on Fees

(3) For Bursary/Educational Assistance,
Information on Educational Assistance

(4) Please register for enrollment on time. If there are any problems please inform us.

(5) The fee for enrollment (500 baht) should be paid when the student checks in.

(6) The college accepts currencies from all countries according to the exchange rates of the day, but does not offer a service for money exchange.

(7) The fee for enrollment (500 baht) should be paid when the student checks in.

(8) Students not receiving bursary should pay all the fees for the semester before the semester begins.

(9) Those who wish to live outside the campus must pay for all the expenses incurred, though the college will help them locate accommodations.
Please read the details under Information on Accommodations

(10) Those who qualify for bursary should pay the amount of 20,000 baht as a “caution fee”, or submit a letter by their guarantor.
Please read the details under Information on Educational Assistance

(11) The student must get a “Non-ED Immigration” visa before arriving in Thailand.

(12) It is recommended that the students bring their own personal supplies for studying; such as laptops, electronic dictionaries.

(13) Thailand is a sub-tropical country. No heavy clothes are needed unless one is very sensitive. If you plan to travel to Northern Thailand, jerseys and jackets are recommended for cool weather during certain months. Facial cream may be needed if you have skin allergies.

(14) Do not bring any unnecessary valuables. IBC is not responsible if they are damaged or lost.

Please contact us if you have any questions.