Mr. Arkady Fayngor

Pure Land Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism, Buddhism in the West.

Mr. Arkady Fayngor was born in Moscow, Russia. He obtained Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the Moscow branch of New York based Touro College. Then, he obtained his Master of Arts with distinction degree in Buddhist Studies from International Buddhist College, Thailand. Currently, he teaches Pure Land Buddhism as well as Buddhism in the West courses in International Buddhist College.

His main interests lie in Japanese Pure Land Buddhist Poetry and Buddhism in the West.

Ven. Dhananjoy Barua


Ven. Dhananjoy Barua (Dipananda) obtained a B.A. and an M.A. in Buddhist Studies from the International Buddhist College, Thailand. Since 2013 Ven. Barua is working for the International Buddhist College. Currently Venerable is playing role as a Librarian besides teaching Pāli Grammar.