Course Outline: BP409 Buddhism and Other World Religions, 2011/2012, Semester 1

Basic Data
Bachelor of Arts (Buddhist Studies)
First Semester (July 11 – November 12, 2011) Academic year 2011/2012
Credit / status: 
3 credits / Major required subject
Course Organization: 


Course Requirements: 

All students will need to:

  • Attend class and cooperative learning
  • Do all assigned readings
  • Participate actively
  • Write one compulsory essay
  • Have a field visit if possible
Allocation of Marks: 


Course Objectives: 

The goals of this course are primarily twofold:

  • 1.To provide students with an understanding of how each religion evolved historically and spiritually.
  • 2.To explore the contemporary practice of each religion

In addition, we will study some of the interactions that have taken place among the religions. This will allow students to place two or more religions side-by-side and examine their similarities/differences. Ultimately, then, students will learn the basic tenets of each faith in order that they may gain the ability to discuss each religion and its corresponding history, practice, and relationship to other faiths.


All tests, assignments and examinations are graded as follows with grade point and numerical marks:

Grade Performance Grade value Percentage Equivalence
A+ Excellent 4.0 90-100
A Almost Excellent 3.75 85-89
A- Fairly Excellent 3.5 80-84
B+ Very Good 3.25 75-79
B Good 3.0 70-74
B- Fairly Good 2.75 65-69
C+ Fair 2.5 60-64
C Satisfactory 2.25 55-59
C- Minimum Satisfactory 2.0 50-54
D+ Fairly Poor 1.5 40-49
D Poor 1.0 30-39
F Fail 0.0 29 or less
I Incomplete
W Withdrawn
WF Withdrawn because of failure
AU Audit