"Pak Thong Chai is a lovely and beautiful place where one can enjoy some moments of peace and happiness."
"Khlong Ngae is small and peaceful town between Hat Yai and Sadao."
"Pak Thong Chai offers lovely parks, beautiful lakes, precious temples, affordable restaurants with delicious foods, and a broad range of sport facilities. You also find a good choice of shops where you find your daily necessities."
"Khlong Ngae offers a good choice of shops where you find everything you need for your daily life."

Welcome to the local guides of Pak Thong Chai (Korat campus) and Khlong Ngae (Sadao campus). As a new student, teacher or staff it is essential that you can find your way in your new environment. Thus IBC provides you with two local guides that offer you all the needed information about Local Markets, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Computer/Telecom/Stationary/Furniture shops, Post & Banks, Medical Care, local Parks and sightseeing possibilities.