A Birthday Present

Today, I will talk about a birthday present from my best friend. Many years ago, when I was thinking of renouncing the worldly life as a nineteen -year - old after completing my high school education, I went to a temple because I wanted to study Buddhism.

Just on my 20th birthday, my best friend who is a nun sent me a present. It was a book entitled the Biography of Milerepa, the prominent Tibetan Buddhist practitioner.

The book relates to us how the accomplished Milerepa's Master had trained him into becoming an enlightened being. After reading it, I knew the intention of my friend. She had hoped for me to renounce the worldly vanity and do some meaningful things with determination in this life.

Milerepa's life account has encouraged me tremendously for many years until now. Whenever I am suffering or am in any difficulty, I would read this book which made me remember the invaluable gift of my best friend. It reminds me that I must overcome the difficulty faced. This birthday present has become my constant companion and best friend, too.

Edit by Ven. Zhen Man