Celebrating Women's Contribution to Buddhism on the Eve of Women's Day & Exhibition on Buddhist Organisations

As in previous years, a number of women's contribution to Buddhism was acknowledged and celebrated on the eve (07 March, 2007) of Women's Day at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. Among the recipients this year include many luminaries such as the well-known nuns and lay women in Asia and Europe that include 'Mama Suki' of Thailand, Ven Hsiu Hsun of Taiwan, Ven Chang-heng of Malaysia, Ven Jampa Tsedroen of Germany, Queen Mother of the King of Bhutan, the First Lady of Sri Lanka, Ms Sujin of Theravada Abhidhamma fame, J Macy, and many others. The many others who bathed in the light of these luminaries include Dr. Bong Chui Lien of the International Buddhist College.

Award for All, in Recognition of Usefulness of Buddhadhamma - An Award Dedicated to All, Named and Unnamed

In her speech, Dr Bong made empahtically clear that she could not and would not accept the award as a personal one, knowing full well the interdependency and interconnectedness of all dhammas, so that the award was accepted for the many unnamed nuns, monks, lay women, men and children who have contributed in their own ways to the propagation of Buddhadhamma for the benefit of many. She cited examples of the contribution of many to such Buddhist educational venture as International Buddhist College and social welfare organisations such as Than Hsiang Foundation under the able leadership of Ven Wei Wu. It was in this spirit that the award was accepted and dedicated to all the nuns, monks, women, men and children who are dhammadutas themeselves in their own ways, named or unnamed.


Exhibition on Buddhist Organisations - International Buddhist College and Than Hsiang Foundation

In conjuction with this celebration, there was also an exhibition of the contributions of Buddhist organisations. Than Hsiang Foundation and International Buddhist College were invited to participate at the exhibition.

United Nations Regional Women's Conference

The celebration continued the next day with participation at the United Nations' Conference on Stamping out Abuse of Women and Children, concluding the day with a study tour on Women's contribution to Buddhism.

The event was a success due to the untiring effort of Ven Bikkhuni Dr Lee, Ven Ratanawali and Dr Tavivat and their enthusiastic support team. World-wide participation of nuns, monk, and laity, and Buddhist organisations at the event marked its significance. Major sponsor for the event includes Ven Kuang Seng of Kuan-Im Boddhisattva's Hall in Bangkok.