The Fourth International Buddhist Conference on the UN Day of Vesak 2007

The 4th International Buddhist Conference on the United Nations Day of Vesak and The Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's 80th Birthday Anniversary and the Symposium of Buddhist Universities held at Buddhamonthon, Nakhon Pathom and United Nations Conference Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Thailand, in conjunction with the Sangha Supreme Council, the Royal Thai Government and the International Organizing Committee organized the 4th International Buddhist Conference.

A large number of delegates from different countries of the world participated in the conference. The conference was inaugurated on the 26th of May with ceremonial splendor by the President of the Sangha Supreme Council of Thai , the Most Venerable Patriarch iland. The first day of the conference was devoted to the leaders and the scholars of the Buddhist countries to present their views on the importance of the United Nations Day of Vesak.

The themes of the conference of the remaining days covered in six symposia were:

  1. Buddhism and Good Governance;
  2. Dissemination of Buddhism through Modern Technology;
  3. Preservation and Promotion of Buddhist Arts;
  4. Buddhist Meditation and Human Development;
  5. Symposium of Buddhist University; and
  6. Buddhist Electronic Library.

Higher educational institutions of Buddhist studies from various countries assembled at the Symposium of Buddhist Universities. Delegates from International Buddhist College, Songkla, Thailand also took part in this Symposium.

The team of the delegates of International Buddhist College consisted of the Founder, Most Venerable Wei Wu, Prof. Kapila Abhayawansa, Dean faculty of religious affairs and Prof. Charls Willeman, Vice rector for research and Postgraduate Studies.

The Most Ven. Wei Wu was one of the panelists of the symposium. The symposium seemed to be very successful in establishing the International Association of Buddhist Universities and election of a Coordinating Committee to run the association. The objectives for establishing the International Association of Buddhist Universities were to develop communication and publication; joint research projects; and teacher and student exchanges among the member institutions.