IBC 1st Convocation Ceremony Songkhla, Thailand

(IBC Songkhla, August 20, 2008) IBC celebrates the 1st Convocation Ceremony at the main campus Songkhla, Thailand.

The following are the names of the graduates who have successfully completed their degrees and received certificates:

Master of Arts (Buddhist Studies) with Distinction
Mr. Li Xue Ping
Venerable Zhen Guang @ Mr. Jiang Yong Chao
Venerable Zhen Liang @ Ms. Neo Bok Yin
Mr. Zhu Xiao Ning
Mr. Phanuthep Sutthithepthamrong
Venerable Zhen Yuan @ Ms. Lee Dai Choo

Master of Arts (Buddhist Studies)
Ms. Siriporn Chammanowong
Venerable Saroeun Chun

Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies) with First Class Honours
Venerable Karmananda
Venerable Karuna Priya
Venerable Satyajit Barua
Venerable Sajal Barua
Venerable Dilokananda Sraman

Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies)
Venerable Molayon Chakma
Venerable Ratna Kirti Chakma
Venerable Gmana Kirti Sraman
Venerable Shanti Moy Tongchangya
Venerable Kong Sophal

Awardees of Outstanding Academic and Conduct Performance
Venerable Zhen Guang @ Mr. Jiang Yong Chao
Mr. Li Xue Ping
Mr. Phanuthep Sutthithepthamrong
Venerable Karmananda
Venerable Satyajit Barua
Venerable Sajal Barua

The Award of Certificate of Appreciation

In recognition of their great contribution to the successful establishment of International Buddhist College in Thailand, the College honours the following at its First Convocation by awarding to them Certificates of Appreciation:

Professor Dr. Prasert Na Nagara

Prof. Dr. Prasert N Nagara obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics at the Cornell University, USA. He was a former President of the Royal Institute of Thailand, and a former Permanent Undersecretary, Ministry of University Affairs. Professor Prasert served as the first IBC Council Chairman from December, 2003 to June, 2005. During his term, he and others worked together and successfully helped IBC acquire the license to operate International Buddhist College from the Ministry of University Affairs (Commission on Higher Education) in 2004.

Professor Dr. Udom Warotamasikkhadit

Prof. Dr. Udom Warotamasikkhadit obtained his Ph.D. in Linguistics, at The University of Texas, Austin, USA. He is the Chairman of Academy of Arts, the Royal Institute of Thailand. Professor Udom is one of the founding members of IBC. He started to get involved in the project in 2001. He served as the first Rector of IBC from December, 2003 to December, 2004. Together with Professor Prasert and others, he worked on the applications for the license from the Ministry of University Affairs. He successfully led the College through the application for and obtaining the approval of the curricula of B. A. program from the Ministry of University Affairs (Commission on Higher Education) in 2003.

Mr. Prawit Phongprapat

Mr. Prawit, one of the founding members of IBC, served as the first Chairman of Klintiendharm Foundation (Licensee of IBC), from
1999 to 2006. He also helped build the IBC campus and its infrastructure.

Dr. Somboon Duangsamosorn

Dr. Somboon Duangsamosorn, obtained his Ph.D. in Political Science at Marathwada University, India, in 1994. He was the founder of the ABAC Graduate School of Tourism Management, Assumption University. He was also an initiator and a member of the rrganizing committee for setting up the World Buddhist University in Thailand. Dr. Somboon served as the second Rector of IBC from January 1, 2005 to March 03, 2008.

Dr. Fa Qing

Upon graduation with a doctorate degree from the University of Calgary in Cananda, Dr. Fa Qing began his academic career as a lecturer at Than Hsiang Buddhist Research Centre, Penang, Malaysia. In 2003, he was transferred to Thailand to work on building up the infrastructure of the campus of International Buddhist College. While overseeing the construction of the campus, he started earnestly in recruiting students for the B.A. program due to commence in 2004. He is now a senior lecturer and the Director of Library Services and Information and Communication Technology at International Buddhist College.