IBC 5th Convocation Seminar (2012)

The International Buddhist College 5th Convocation Seminar was held at Than Hsiang Temple (Malaysia) on Sunday, August 4. Scholars from Belgium, Japan, the United States, Sri Lanka, China and Malaysia presented their papers in English and Chinese:

  • Professor Charles Willemen (Belgium): "Pure Land" Buddhism and Sarvastivada
  • Professor Toshiichi Endo (Japan): Bodhisattva Ideal In Theravada Buddhism
  • Professor Lozang Jamspal (United States): The Spread of the Buddha's teachings in Tibet and Beyond
  • Professor Tilak Kariyawasam (Sri Lanka): Textual Evidence to Prove Buddha's Omniscience
  • Dr Fa Qing (China): The "Round" Doctrine of Tian Tai and Its Significance in Modern Times
  • Professor Kapila Abhayawansa (Sri Lanka): Cyclic Existence & the Theory of Dependent Origination
  • Venerable Yuan Liu (China): A View on the Arahant's Altruistic Practice from the Angle of Sarvastivada's Non Striving Way
  • Dr Tang Chew Peng (Malaysia): A Preliminary Survey on Buddhist Charity Undertakings in Malaysia
  • Dr Tan Kim Hooi (Malaysia): An Introductory Discussion on the Madhyamika thought in the Ten Abiding Vibhasa Sastra

A series of intensive road shows had been organized at Kulim Buddhist Association, Penang Buddhist Free School Ex-Pupils' Association, Persatuan Agama Penganut Seberang Prai Tengah, Nibong Tebal Buddhist Association, Butterworth Buddhist Association and Butterworth Lay Buddhist Society to promote the event days before the seminar was held. The road shows received overwhelming response.