IBC Korat Chinese New Year Get-together

IBC Korat was in a hype of activities prior to and on the 15th of January, 2012. All staff and students spruce up the college compound days ahead and fully participated on the event day. The festivity ended with gift-exchange among the students and staff of IBC.

His eminence Phrakittirammamuni, Chief-Sangha of Pakthongchai District led the most venerable abbots of Wat Monmawat, Wat Podaeng, Wat Phothong, Wat Nakhe and Sangha representatives of Wat Klang and Wat Amphavan monasteries to initiate the annual Lamp Lighting Ceremony with Pali sutta chanting. Ven Zhen Chan then led the Mahayana Sangha students of IBC to perform the Chinese Chanting. We pray and hope for a peaceful and calamity-free year. May all beings be free from enmity, physical and mental suffering and be well and always happy.

Enthusiastic volunteers near and far, teachers, staff, and students all pitched in to make the day a success. Living up to our international claim, our guests were served Bangladeshi, Cambodian, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Thai and Vietnamese foods.

There were 8 performances lined-up for the cultural show after the religious ceremonies. Little angelic children in white from Ban-dit-Noi Kindergarten performed Dang-Dauk-mai-Baan (blooming flowers equivalent) that depicts the warmth and love in a family and Kaai Borihaan Buangton (Basic physical exercise). The charming Ban Nong-ta-lum-puk primary children performed the Thi-daa Faa Yaad dance about a Northeastern legend. The golden dewi like Ban Nong-ta-lum-puk high school performers kept the crowd enthralled with the grandeur of Guanyin Bodhisattva thousand eyes, thousand arms dance.

IBC Weekend School children performed a drama called "Kung Fu Buddha" which advised about metta and karuna and the traditional Ram-Tai-Phuan (Tai Phuan Dance) of the peaceful Laotian immigrants of the past. As before, students and staff of IBC rounded off the program line-up with the IBC song ΓÇô For the Good of the Many.

Certificates of appreciation were awarded to representatives of the Ban-dit-Noi Kindergarten, the Ban-Nong-ta-lum-puk primary and high school as well as to the event sponsors. Typical of Chinese New Year celebration, mandarin oranges, a symbol of fortune and token of blessing, were distributed to all.

Volunteers, students and staff pooled resources to restore the IBC campus to its former state after the event. Staff, students and volunteers gathered to exchange gifts and good wishes at the Chanting Hall in the evening. The day ended amidst much laughter and pleasant memories. May 2012 be a year of good tidings for all.