IBC Official Opening Ceremony

Set in the golden land of thousand Buddhas, stands International Buddhist College. The gradual growth from mere blue print, piling and framework constructions to the present phase one architectural grandeur. The name "International Buddhist College" encapsulates the noble vision of non-sectarian Buddhist education and Sangha training.    
Meeting the challenge of fulfilling the three objectives of IBC is given impetus by its grand opening on 17th. July which truly makes its mark in history by offering an education institute to the world. Embarking on the journey searching for quality Buddhist education of richness and diverse Buddhist traditions begins from IBC.

"Sabbadanam dhammadanam jinati"; the gift of Truth excels all other gifts. Let us give ourselves the rare opportunity to usher in this memorable event by being part of the multiplication of goodness in the world through giving unto the world the gift of Truth. Join us in the ignition and illumination of the light of Dharma from the single flame set aglow on 17th. July.