As an internatonal big family

(IBC June 30, 2008. A sharing from our student Ven. Ratna Kirti Chakma) To live peacefully in our daily lives, we should apply the following:

1. be moralistic

2. do not look at the faults of others-instead look at yourself

3. do not be too proud of yourself

4. ignore the problems

5. do not try to cheat others

6. purify yourself

7. avoid telling lies

8. avoid discriminating

9. think of others as yourself, just like sisters and brothers

10. do not think that you are the one who knows everything, if you think that way then you are the foolish one.

11. show compassion, not by words, but by doing

12. cooperate with one another-just like ants

13. be satisfied with whatever you have

14. obey the rules and regulations which have been spoken by our lord Buddha.

May all beings be happy and have success in their lives.