A Meaningful Trip To Malaysia

I have the opportunity to travel to Malaysia on Jul 31, 2010 until Aug 2, 2010. The trip from IBC to Penang takes about 3 hours. On the evening of Jul 31, 2010, there was ceremonial parade of Guan Yin. A lot of Buddhists admire the Statue of Guan Yin (belief and faith). Many people stood on both sides of the street, waiting to worship Bodhisattva Guan Yin. Some people distributed drinking water to all the participants who joined the parade. Everyone's face was filled with smile. They were happy that they could make offerings to Buddha.

We also have the opportunity to meet Venerable Wei Wu, the abbot of Than Hsiang Temple. Ven. Wei Wu cares about education, from kindergarten children to people of old age. A lot of Buddhist kindergartens have been established as to create a stimulating and holistic child-centred learning environment for children to grow. With such efforts, Buddhism can be introduced to people since they are young. There are also place for elderly people or Wan Ching Yuen.

Besides that, I visited many places, such as Phor Tay High School, Than Hsiang Jing Yuan at Sungai Petani. We also had an educational visit to Bujang Valley as well. The trip is very meaningful and interesting to me.