Messages from our first batch of B.A. graduates

( IBC April 6, 2008 ) At the end of the first week of April 2008, our first batch of IBC BA students completed their four years of study. They can now return home happily, congratulate each other and say goodbye, bringing home with them heart-filled memory of their time in IBC, community life, spirit and living harmony ,appreciation and gratitude to IBC staff, teachers and IBC Founder,
most honorable Ven.Wei Wu.

Let us listen to some of their comments and answers to the below three questions:

Question 1 : As a senior in IBC, do you have any advice you would like to give to your junior or newcomers?

Question 2 : Please share your learning experience in IBC - 3 traditions / international /monastic life. How does it affect your study and life in IBC?

Question 3 : Do you support IBC to set up a branch? Why?