My Experience and Learning from the Flood

I ever experienced explicitly the power of natural phenomenon and its capability of destruction, just like our anger which can destroy us and others alike a volcano when it erupts. I realized transient happiness of material satisfaction -the truth of impermanence in a sudden moment.

I also begin to understand the people around us and those who came to help or provide us with something essential. And I am very happy to know and understand their attitude on the act of doing good deeds. I have also come to realize that what I heard about the Isaan of being very friendly and sincere is true from this experience. I am very touched when I joined in reaching out to the locals while doing the relief work of distributing Shifu's contribution to the needy villagers who were flood victims. I felt happy to participate especially on 27th Oct. I felt and learnt something which is inexpressible and that which can only be felt from within like an insight. I am happy to see that things have settled and slowly becoming normal like before. I can take a little rest. I also learnt that nothing is impossible. Hereafter, I am ready to face such challenges. This is has also made me realize that the FLOOD and one's own mental motions -isn't something external. It is just reflection of our own deeds or doing.