My Future Goal: To Be A Teacher

As a human being we should make the most of our impermanent life. We should strive to attain a meaningful goal instead of wasting our precious human rebirth. "bahunam vata atthaya - For the Good of the Many", the Buddha advised his first batch of disciples to dedicate themselves for our ultimate good. We might take heed and decide on a perfect purpose in our life which surrounds people and is well-adjusted around society. In this regard, my goal is to be a teacher in future.

We know that a good teacher is the architect and builder of a nation and generation. He or she is the main asset of the human society, nation or a country for disseminating humanity by the process of teaching. This is why a teacher is most respected by the students and society. In my opinion, a good teacher is considered as one with the seven basics according to its seven letters as below:

T- Technical know-how or skillfulness
E- Educative instead of mere career orientated
A- Advanced knowledge
C- Changing methods or flexibility
H- Historian
E- Enjoyment of duty
R- Relation instead of instruction minded

A teacher needs to have the idea that he or she plays an important role to build the nation according to those qualities above. Hence, during the teacher-pupil interactive process, a teacher adjusts himself or herself and adapts to the students more as a kalyana mitta (beneficial friend). A teacher of such caliber relates to a student's learning problem/s and skillfully maintains the friendship concept.

A good teacher knows his or her charges are the future of a nation.
So, I pen this little thought of mine as a remark of what constitute a good teacher and good teaching method as I have experienced. I would like to share this if I become a teacher to the coming generation of students.

Edit by Ven. Zhen Man