New Student Orientation Program at IBC Korat Education Center

The International Buddhist College (IBC) organized a three days orientation program for new students to welcome the new Academic Year 2013-2014. The event took place at the Korat Education Center between July 4 and 6, 2013.

The opening ceremony began with en offering to the triple gem by Ven. Zhen Chan, the Director for Administrative Affairs. He also delivered a speech to welcome the new students. He vividly shared his experience and challenges working towards reaching the goals of IBC. He extended his best wishes for the new students to strive for inner qualities such as patience, tolerance, loving kindness and compassion through the IBC community way of life.

The program was run smoothly throughout a series of activities and speeches from senior faculty members. e.g. speech on “Value of Buddhist Education” by Prof. Tilak Kariyawasam, Dean of Graduate School; speech on “IBC Philosophy, Vision, Mission and Objectives” by Prof. Kapila Abhayawansa, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs; speech on “Education, Career and Life Goals of the Students.” by Ven. Dr. Dhammanandi, Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts; “Dhamma Teaching & Dean’s List Award Presentation” by Most Venerable Dr. Wei Wu, Founder of IBC; Sharing of Senior Students; Ice-breaking, etc.

On the third day of the program, the committee of IBC organized a trip around Nakhon Ratchasima Province in order to let the newcomers get familiar and be acquitted with the local environment.

IBC would like to take this opportunity to express sincere thanks and appreciation to all the committee members for their hard work e.g. Ven. Zhen Chan , Director for Administrative Affairs (advisor), Ven. Satyajit Barua, Acting Liberian (advisor), Mr. Sengchoy Inthachack, Student Affairs Officer (advisor), Ven. Joymony Tanchangya (program coordinator), Ven. Sugathananda (assistant coordinator), Ven. Dhananjoy Barua (secretary), Ven. Sanjoy Barua Chowdhury (logistic), Ven. Shin Pandava (member), Ven. Ashin Fussadhaza (member), Ven. Kamvilay P. (member), Ven. Cui Yanju (member), Ven. Yonghua (member), Ven. Sokheng Khen (member), Ven. Xaixana Bounthavong (member), Ven. N. Sumedhalankara (member), Ven. A. Sudhamma (member), Ven. P. Rewatha (member), Ven. H. Sarananda (member), Ms. Lee Kibbeum (member), Ms. Heo Jungmin (member), Ms. Heo Eunju (member). Additionally we would like to thanks those whose names are not mentioned here but were greatly involved and assisted us until this program came to a perfect end.