Opening Ceremony Speech (2005) by Ven. Wei Wu

By Venerable Wei Wu (the founder of IBC)

In conjunction with the opening ceremony of the IBC, I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who has directly or indirectly helped in the establishment of the IBC on this
auspicious occasion.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to senior Sangha members, Buddhist organisations and lay donors from various countries for their blessings and support.I extend my gratitude towards Than Hsiang staff members and members of the Than Hsiang Penang, Klang Valley,Pajam, and Thailand for garnering support and donations from devotees and members of the public. Last but not least, I would also like to thank IBC advisors, staff members and students alike for making this project a reality.

The IBC motto: "Bahunam vata atthaya" means ' For the good or benefit of the many'.It was an expression used by the first Buddhist nun Pajapati Gatami, Sakyamuni  Buddha's step-mother, to describe him.Following Sakyamuni Buddha's exernplary footstep,IBC is objectively established 'for the good of the many'.

With equal emphasis an academic study and spiritual practice, it is our wish that IBC will be able to provide an all-rounded education for students from different Buddhist traditions.We wish to equip our graduands with the qualities of a good and proficient Buddhist teacher who can deliver the noble teachings of the Buddha to different parts of the world.

This long and ardous journey has just begun.We hope that Buddhists from different parts of the world will continue to support IBC in the coming years.Let us all give our unrelenting support to the promotion of Buddhist education so that the Buddha's noble teachings will flourish andease the sufferings of sentient being in samsara.

May all beings be well and happy