Sharing from ECE students

Much appreciation for having an enjoyable learning experience of our first course in Early Childhood Education (ECE) program, EP 5109 Child Development.

Our students would like to have some sharing about what they have learned. Let's listen to the voices from their heart as below:

  • Sis. Ong Eam Choo:
  • "After attending the EP5109 Child Development course, I understand more in depth with the child growth.
    With the knowledge. I can attend my class efficiently even though I have a student with hyperactive character. I able to teach this student with the concept of the course. With the course, I gain a lot of insight in the child development."

  • Sis. Sujata Tan Kim Suan:
  • "Well, I had learnt and practiced through a very natural way for single of years ago and now I have more clearer picture towards this program and I have confident and happy to serve and share with all in the future. Positively, while on going progress, I will still do more research from time to time to ensure up to date and maintain the qualities for beings, a better person before I came into it."

  • Bro. Yew Lye Hin:
  • "I took up the ECE course because I have a 2 year old grand-daughter and would like to learn how to better help with her education.
    I have learned a lot of theories in this first course- Child Development and look forward to latter courses where I hope to learn how to apply the theories that I have learned."

  • Sis. Sow Gaik Yen:
  • "I decided to attend ECE program at last minutes during Orientation Day. After attending the first session (day) of the child development, I decided to attend the subsequent of classes for this paper. I was impressed by Dr. Kim hard work in organizing this program despite her age and tight schedule. Dr. Kim put a lot of effort trying to find lecturers to help up for lecturing in this program. Many thanks to Ven. Wei Wu having great mission in initiating this program. "