Sharing From IBC students

After a month of studying in IBC, our new students would like to share their feelings as below :

Ven. Aeknarin
I am very delighted to have the opportunity to come to study in IBC. I can still remember when I first came to IBC, I could not understand English at all, even for one word. But I can understand English now by learning slowly. The teachers here put in a lot of efforts to teach us. We can share anything in the class as just we are a family. I am happy to be here. It's very lucky for me to study here. Very thankful to my dedicated teachers for teaching us.

Ven. Kitichai
In my class, the teacher teaches us English grammar. Now, I understand English grammar better. I have many new friends here. I am very interested in learning foreign languages, such as English, Japanese, Cantonese and Chinese. In IBC, I can have the opportunity to practice speaking in English. This helps me to improve myself. After the class, the teacher will give us some exercises to do. The teachers wants us to learn more in English. They also try to get many books for us. The teachers always encourage us to read more and practice more in English. I would like to say "thank you very" to my teachers.

Ven. Narongrit
In my opinion, it is very interesting to attend the class. I have many friends to learn together with me. I cam learn how to cook and to play table tennis. I even learn to wake up early every morning. I can know more English vocabulary and put in practice in my daily conversation. Sometimes, I help other people in their homework too. I have learned a lot in IBC. The benefits that I have gained it's countless for me.

Ven. Meschai Jaisamran
In this class, I can learn the pronunciation of English words. We practice to make sentence in English too. I have learned a lot since I came to study in IBC. Firstly, I can learn to be a teacher. Secondly, I have the chance to give talk to the public. Thirdly I learn how to serve community through education and Metta Clinic. Fourthly, I learn how to be a translator and so on. I hope I can have more improvement in everything in the future.

Ven. Somchai
In the class, we learn English together. It's interesting to learn English with my friends. I have many good friends here. They all take good care of me in IBC. Sometimes, I play table tennis with my friends too. I am happy to study here.

Ven. Charm
There are nine students in our English class. Everyone is very kind. I enjoy to study in the class because I can gain knowledge through learning time. In the class, I can learn how to pronounce the words in English. But I always forget them. Sometimes, I feel study English is very tedious. However, I must learn it, if I can speak and read in English then I can go round the world in one day. So, I must try to learn English well. Besides that, I want to be a teacher. So that, I can teach and help to serve many people. I believe in "There is a will, there is a way."

Ven. Winai
I would like to share my English class in the evening. There are ten of us. One of them is our teacher. The teacher will always stand in front in the class but she will move around while we are having our reading part. She teaches us English, sometimes she will share her knowledge about Chemistry with us too. When we are having our class, we pay attention to the teacher. There is a boy who is always looking around and sometimes fell asleep, that's - me. I hope I can learn English well in one day.

Maechee Boonyanuch Soontornsarn
Everytime when I go to classroom, I feel happy because everyone, including my teachers, classmates, they are friendly. Then I have the motivation to learn. There are a lot of things to be learned in my life. I must put in more effort to write and to read everyday. Sometimes, I cook for my friends, I don't feel it's suffering but I feel peaceful in my mind. I think I would like to get rid of those evil things in my mind.

Ms Sunida
I have new friends here. Everyday, I can learn many things in IBC. I can learn English language, Chinese language and Buddhism. Sometimes, I help the nun to cook. Every morning, I help to do the cleaning job in classroom, bathroom and kitchen. We stay together as like we are family members. We have good relationship among ourselves. I feel happy, interesting and warm in my heart. Sometimes, we have sport time together, such as to play basketball and table tennis. In my opinion, I get many good things since I have come to IBC. The teachers pay a lot of attention on us. IBC not only provide me the knowledge, but health for both physically and mentally. I must study hard from now on.