Student Recruitment Trip to Bangladesh and meeting with Royal Thai embassy, Dhaka

On its recent trip to Bangladesh, the International Buddhist College (IBC) took entrance examinations and interviews for the upcoming academic year. The examinations were taken at the Agrasara Girls' College in Chittagong and the interviews were held at the Dharmarajika Mahavihara in Dhaka.

On January 25, the IBC team participated at the ceremony of the Most Venerable Ratana Sree Mahathero's 70th Birthday Celebration. IBC congratulated and honored Ratana Sree Mahathero for the propagation of the Dhamma and the services to the community.

To smoothen the visa processing for Bangladeshi students, a meeting with Hon. Consul Mr. Suwapong Sirisorn was held at the Royal Thai Embassy of Dhaka on January 27. The embassy agreed to help Bangladeshi students to obtain a proper visa for their Studies at IBC on time. The IBC team highly appreciated the concern and thanked the Royal Thai Embassy to permit qualified students to enter Thailand. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Most Ven. Suddhananda Mahathero (Sanghanayaka of Bangladesh) who helped to arrange this fruitful meeting.