Why I now work for IBC after completing my MA studies∩╝Ó

(IBC May 8, 2008) The aim of studying for a Master of Arts degree in Buddhist studies at International Buddhist College (IBC) was to learn what the Buddha taught, and then to spread and practice the dharma in order for me (and others) to obtain happiness. I appreciate all human beings and I wish for all to be happy and have a good life.

Before I graduated and received the master's degree, I worked for IBC and the Than Hsiang Foundation. I also worked for the government and in a private company. One who works hard in an honest occupation is a value and benefit to the society.

Social problems in every country are increasing. Everyone wants a happy life, but many try to solve problems in improper ways, so it seems that we are running to catch happiness but happiness runs away from us. Happiness runs away from us because we don't know the techniques to use in our life, we don't know how to get happiness and practice using our minds. A high education or economic success does not bring happiness to people if there are no ethics or morality.

IBC and the Than Hsiang (Klintiendharm) Foundation in Thailand and Malaysia are organizations which support the study of Buddhism for priests and laypeople. Dharma is the universal Truth, and gives one who has Dharma the techniques necessary to live happily. These organizations arrange activities to help society and assist people in their practice, which includes morality and kindness. Working in these areas will increase the quality of life for both me and others directly. This will bring happiness to the people in society. Right view and living morally will bring happiness to people who have the Dharma. Different times and difference customs makes for differences in living situations, but the Buddha Dharma is the same for all and teaches the people to be good members of society. It is important to use the Buddha Dharma in daily life.

So I work for IBC in order to help spread the Buddha Dharma to Thai people and internationally. Together we can help the people in the society.

Master Wei Wu who is the founder of IBC and the Than Hsiang Foundation has the compassion and effort to help human beings and release them from their suffering, so I want to help also. I have the same aim.

The teachings of both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism are similar. There are many good texts from both traditions, but there are difference languages among the people, so I want to help spread both teachings and activities to Thai people and foreigners and to help them to learn more about both approaches to the tripitakas.