IBC New Year Celebration

December 31, 2016 is the day IBC staffs and students have been well prepared and ready to receive the coming year of 2017, ‘The Rooster Year’. We have mixed decorations with different culture: twinkle shining little lamps, balloons, Chinese lanterns and candles light.

In fact, the meaning of New Year is the day that gives a mark on the earth has completed another journey around the sun. It is similarly like the clock that has completed another journey around one 12 hours of the day and it gives birth to another new second of ‘Time’. Likewise Ven. Anandajoti said: “when you are young you may feel time is moving on slowly, but when you are getting older, you will find time passing very quickly. As time can be presented as life, and time is passing so quickly, so by knowing how to value time is more important by doing more meaningful things actively.”

We have arranged this special day for our students in IBC. The celebration started at 7.00pm and ended at 12.30am, it consists of three traditions giving blessing in their own respective languages. In the program it include: chanting, sharing from staffs and students, gift exchange, lucky draw, performances, lamp lighting and cutting of cake in receiving for the New Year of 2017.

Ven. Boom said: “this was his first time listening to the Tibetan chanting by Ven Yonten Sangpo. The tone and rhythm was so beautiful and joyful to listen to. The program was well plan and through interaction and sharing we get to understand each other more”.