2017 Table Tennis Friendship Tournament

(2017/3/19 Reported by KSC) The first - 2017 Table Tennis Friendship Tournament was held at International Buddhist College. Table tennis is a popular sport in the world. Table tennis, also known as “Ping-Pong” is an exciting game that can be played by two or four players. The game is easy to learn. Even a new player can pick up the skills quickly.

The tournament started by paying homage to Triple Gem which was led by the undergraduate student Ven. Lamphone. Then, Ven. Dr Zhen Yuan delivered an opening speech. She encouraged players and audience by saying that besides studying and practicing diligently, they should not forget the importance of exercise. She mentioned that exercise can improve one's health, build-up discipline, unite people within group, nation and the world. Next, a representative of the players took an oath in front of the stage uttering following words: “I promise that we shall respect and abide by the competition rules and respect the referee’s decision ". This was followed by the representative from the referees taking an oath by saying: “I promise that we shall respect and abide by the rules which govern the game in the true spirit ". Finally, the MC announced the official beginning of the game.

We heard the supporters were yelling players’ name in the court, and showing enthusiastic gesture to support their favorite players and classmates. While in the playoffs games, because the players were still not familiar with each other, therefore a few players were seen tensed and playing in a very conservative playing style. However, when the audience people increased, the atmosphere became exciting. Gradually, the competition became in a combative spirit. The tournament was divided into two sections: playoff games (morning), and the semifinals and final (afternoon). The champion was Mr. Sergio from Chile, an MA second year student. He won the tournament after four sets of aggressively competitive game.

The tournament ended with the award ceremony at 4pm. The prizes were delivered to the champion, first runner-up and second runner up by the special invited guests. Besides, each participant’s players also received an award, a special "Encouragement Award”. The last event was the lucky draw. Everyone who participated in the tournament went back with a smile on their face.

This time, the Preparatory Committee was formed including members from the monastic and lay students. The committee put great effort to organize the tournament successfully. Thank you very much to the committees for organizing such a joyful event. I would like to mention about one great Buddhist master who promotes basketball sports. He believed that basketball is not only a useful, but also helped to develop good qualities such as bravely, teamwork and respect for the opponent when in the basketball court. In the mid-21st century, in order to meet the needs of human beings, it is necessary to hold extra-curricular activities such as sports to attract the young generation in order to involve them in the temple activities.