Senior students’ sharing at the Orientation Day

Record by Sayalay Tikkhanani

Ven. Yonten (India) greeted all the new students and thanked IBC for giving him an opportunity to share his experience as a senior with all the new students. He said that, as Buddhist practitioners, we should act like Buddha’s teaching in our daily life and discover the beauty of the teaching of IBC. He thanked all those who helped him in his time in IBC from the day he joined till now.
Ven. Tong Hong (China) said that we have a rare opportunity in coming to IBC. Born as humans, we have to know our objectives in this life. We should know the core value of our lives in this high tech and complex world. We should understand our direction that comes from the small inner heart. We should try to be mindful and have a healthy mind. He hoped that everybody knew the direction that brought us to IBC. We should have proper planning and put into action what we have learnt in IBC. Lastly, he wished us all to be happy.

Ven. Rin Phyrun (Cambodia) shared his past experiences of working as a volunteer in the organization, Buddhist for Education of Cambodia (BEC). It works for society with two purposes: to promote morality in society by education and to promote social guarantees through humanitarian action. Their objective is to engage in the field of education by providing dhamma talks. He was happy to preach to suffering people. Buddha teaching is to cure both for physical and mental problems. So he came to IBC to learn more about Buddhism and its different traditions, learn from others and gain valuable new knowledge. Though we have different cultures and traditions, he explained, we work and learn harmoniously in IBC.

Ven. Chinh (Laos) described how when he was first here he was not used to eating or working with others. However, three months later he grew used to the IBC food and community jobs. He contributed to IBC by creating an organic garden. Whenever he has time he loves to speak with friends around him and learn from others. They learn from him too.
For Ven. Tejobhasa (Myanmar), IBC is a suitable region and a good place. He suggested that new students should not to compare it with our family, our own monastery or our familiar environment. Such comparisons will only make us suffer and have problems adjusting to this new learning environment. According to Mangalasutta, one should stay in a place where might gain knowledge, good deeds and happiness to follow the words of Buddha “patirupadesavasoca”. So, he said, IBC is the right place for us. Last year he was in the pre-MA course because of his weakness in language skills. Now this year he sees that he has improved a lot and is ready for starting his MA.

Brother Jaroon (Thailand); ​ he has finished his MA course in IBC’s Korat campus. He shared that this campus has football ground and he loves to play football with everyone who is interested after class. He said that he enjoys it here and the strong points of IBC are its lectures and experienced teachers. Because of the relatively low ratio of students to teachers, teachers can share their time addressing each of the students needs. Because teachers and students come from different countries, we learn to distinguish different accents. That’s the strength of IBC and it provides us with a great chance to learn more.
Ven. Narong (Thailand) said he is a monk from the rural area. He wanted to learn more so that he might work internationally. He studied in four universities for his education. He also worked as a volunteer for two years. For his Ph.D study he wants to explore further his work at an international level. IBC, he says, answers all his questions and provides all his needs. It provides him with a scholarship and a proper learning structure. He is very happy staying in IBC and thanked IBC for all its support.