Some of My Value Experiences Whilst Studying In IBC (International Buddhist College)

It has been a year since I came to study at IBC, Sadao, Thailand. There are great changes in me now. I now realized that there are many things that l did not know in the past. For example, my English was so weak but now I know that I need to improve it progressively each day to improve it. I am glad that I know more about my own weaknesses. I am able to console myself because I realize that we are all human who make mistakes. The most important thing is that we learn as we move forwards. I still remember my first semester in the first year study. It was so difficult for me to understand and adjust my lifestyle to the new environment here. However, at the same time, I was impressed with how very observant the officers and members of IBC were. They were very attentive and took really good care of me. A few days later, I started farming together with my friends in the garden behind of my dormitory. I felt it was interesting to have the opportunity to help and joined the IBC team working together planting some vegetables. It is very nice and encouraging to see the vegetables growing well and growing greener day by day as I feel this is also the result of my contribution. It was like a masterpiece resulting from my effort. I also get to help Venerable Satyajit by sending messages to schools in Laos during the recruitment period to encourage more Laos’s students to come and study in IBC. During the holiday break, I was particularly glad to be chosen to visit Malaysia. I visited Than Hsiang in Pajam, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Here I had a chance to learn something about the Mahayana Buddhism and to improve my in spoken and written English.

For the second semester, I continued to contribute by doing farming and attend IBC welfare work. It had been on my mind to contribute to welfare but in the past I did not know how? This new semester has been better for me as I know how to adapt myself to new situations and learn something new without previous basic experience. However, this is exactly what The Buddha taught us. Through his determination, his practice was progressive for many years before achieving enlightenment. In order to gain more time, I wake up every morning at 4.30am so that I have enough time to study and serve the community for the benefits of myself and all. Having completed the 2nd semester I visited Malaysia again. This time I stayed in Malaysia for two months. I also had the chance to both join the IBC Dhammaduta group for dharma talks and to promote IBC. I am very happy visiting Malaysia as I gain many more experiences and learns to improve my English and a different Buddhist way of life to the one we practice in Laos. Every experience I gain and cultivate here benefits me a lot and I am able to apply it in my study.
Upon returning to IBC for a month to continue my second year of BA 2, I joined the committee team of the Orientation for New Students Program. I learnt to successfully discuss and plan for the program. During the orientation program I was very happy as it is the first time I experienced such an event. However, it was quite tiring. I was glad to have joined the committee team and learnt something new and meaningful again outside managing my own study.

Venerable Chinh
9th August, 2017