New Student Orientation Program Report

by Ven Hui Chun

Beyond the secular concept of ownership, Buddhism is likes a vast beautiful sky which has neither boarder nor division. Here in Thailand IBC, a Buddhist Institution, opened its doors and has sheltered us from many places. During the orientation days I met fellow students from Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Bengal, China, Vietnam, the US, England, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, etc. This IBC land of Buddhism is filled with auspiciousness with the presence of Sangha members of three Buddhist traditions, ethical professional lecturers, and lay devotees. In this unique environment, being amongst different Buddhist traditions offers us a great opportunity to explore, to analyze, to investigate and to develop our knowledge on the holy teaching of the Buddha, both philosophically and in real life. I am grateful for the compassion and generosity of the IBC Founder, Ven. Wei Wu, through whom we were supported with scholarship and bursaries. Here, we have plenty of chances to learn, adapt, respect, embrace, and even to enjoy the differences between our cultures, food, languages, Buddhist traditions and practices. I hope that, by experiencing a life of study and living together here, we will learn a valuable lesson which prepares us to live a holy life as the Buddha taught which give rise to harmony, happiness amongst living beings, and world peace.