Farm-Garden Report

Report by: Ven Anh Truong

IBC's farm-garden has been going since 2007 in order to provide organic food for the students. For the last 10 years, many kinds of vegetables and fruits have been cultivated by many generations of students. These include mustard greens, water spinach, banana, coconut, dragon fruit, jack fruit and avocado. Currently, our farm-garden is taken care of by Ven. Ajahn Narong and his team. To understand more about the project, I had a conversation with Ajahn and some of his members.

Ajahn learned environmental protection from his teacher. It inspires him, he told me, to produce eco-friendly fertilizer in conjunction with the organic products. He mixes EM (Effective Microorganisms) with waste food; he keeps this for a time in plastic storage containers until it is ready to nourish the crop. The process is both simple and contributes to preserving the unique Earth that we have. In this way, Ajahn encourages us to cultivate plants as well as our wisdom.

To acquaint myself with the farming, I followed Ven. Chin and his friends to harvest mustard greens. It is such an amazing experience to see those little tiny guys growing up. The student’s I accompanied told me that it usually takes 2 months for the baby ones to be ripen, an hour to pick them, 30 minutes to cook them, and a minute to transfer them into our bodies. Natural is wonderful, and the team is honored and proud to nourish the plants and serve these organic products to everybody.

Thank you IBC's Farm-Garden team for your support and contribution!