IBC’s 10th Convocation

In order to prepare for IBC’s 10th convocation, IBC’s founder – Ven. Master Wei Wu, IBC’s rector – Dr. Charles William, and all of the staffs had come to IBC before the official celebration day. Regarding to the pleasure of all IBC’s guests, we considerately had organized the stage and decorated welcome gate for one week before the date.

On September 24, 2017 afternoon at 1.00pm, we had all got together prior to IBC’s chanting room, as the drum was struck, everybody headed on over to their seats, and the celebration was opened. The masters and the professors shared their speeches as well as the students when they had received their degrees. In the blissful scene and the precious moment of student’s life, we understood that a degree is just a paper, yet since we are still alive as human being we have to do something, thus the paper is the credit for our works and encourage new students to fulfill their goals. However, it is not the aim to get any paper but to gain wisdom and nourish compassion. In the other words, we do our best without pressure, and reward will just come by itself. And this is how we study as a Buddhist disciple.
After all, even the ceremonies and our experiences passed away, but the memories are still here and have the worth in our life just as steps that will lead us to the destination.

IBC Report Team

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