IBC offers Bodhi Pūjā on Pavārana day, 2017

Celebration of pavārana, conclusion of Vassa is a special ceremony of paying homage to Triple Gem under the Bodhi Tree is an annual ritual at International Buddhist College (IBC), Thailand. This year Pavārana celebration was special with the addition of Sri Lankan style of Bodhi Pūjā. Whole area under the Bodhi tree has been prepared by the some enthusiastic students from various countries to do the pūjā on the same full moon day. It was the lunar day October Full Moon, and had a doubt there would be raining on that night as to the concept of raining on the full moon day. Apart from that it was raining for the whole month on and off, therefore everybody had a doubt whether the pūjā could be held on that night or not.

At the time of 6.00 PM the place has been fully prepared with mats, chairs and other materials needed for pūjā participants. IBC MA student Ven. Bodhimalkada Sumanaratana, a Sri Lankan monk conducted the Pūjā along with Ven. Walasmulle Vajira. All most all IBC instructors, monks, nuns & lay students gathered and participated to light the candles around Bodhi tree.
Pūjā was nicely and systematically was done by Ven. Sumanaratana reciting Pali verses then Theravāda, Mahāyāna and Vajrayāna chanting was followed. When the chantings were over, merits were transferred to all sentient beings and special wish of longevity for Shifu Ven. Wei Wu with the power of merits collected was also followed and the ceremony was adjourned after the refreshment.