My experiences in Children Moral Camp, Malaysia

Ven. Joy Barua
BA 1st year

At first I like to say thanks to IBC, the camp organizer and Shifu Ven. Wei Wu, the IBC founder for giving us opportunity to participate in the wonderful Malaysian trip. It was a great opportunity for me to learn many new things and have new experiences.

I felt very happy and fortunate to participate in the IBC Young Buddhist Scholars Conference, join in Dhamma talk and meditation retreat, visiting many historical and tourist spots, monasteries, Old folk homes and specially to participate in two children moral camps; one at Tham Wah Wan Kindergarten, Kuala Lumpuer and the other one in Than Hsiang Temple, Penang. I also felt great joy to work with the children, their teachers and our group members in a community spirit and harmonious way. Even though I had no experiences about any children camp, however, by helping and cooperating with our group members, we were able to organize two camps very smoothly.

From the camps, I learned how to teach and deal with the young students, how to abide by the school rules, listen to teachers etc. At Kuala Lampur camp, I saw children were doing their own works very curiously, they obeyed their teachers nicely. This was most surprising to me. It is difficult to see children are so humble and well behaved in my country's schools like this. I think main difference between Malaysian and Bangladeshi schools are in our educational environment. Most of the rural schools in Bangladesh do not have good environment to train young students like Malaysian schools do. We learned so many new ideas while we involved in moral camps. Besides that, I learned about modern arts, face arts, paper crafts, playing meaningful games and music etc. It is worth remembering visiting and seeing so many wonderful interesting places in Malaysia. I enjoyed so much and got so many experiences from the trip. I will never forget this trip.

Again like to thank to IBC, camp organizers, specially to the Ven. Zhen Yuan,Ven. Zhen Ti and Ven. Aggadhamma.