I am from Laos

Hello! My name is Phoutthangkoura Phimmasone. I am from Laos and I have been in the IBC (International Buddhist College) since five months ago and I’m a first year B.A student. While I was staying in this college, my English has improved better than when I was in my country, especially listening, speaking and other skills. The first week at IBC I didn’t understand my friends properly when he/she talked to me because I focused on reading and writing more than speaking when I was in Laos. So when I talk to foreigners, it is very difficult to understand what they are saying. It is not that I did not know the English words, but when the foreigners talk to me, for example, “Where were you born?” I didn’t understand. Actually, when I saw a sentence "Where were you born?”, by writing it down on paper, I knew the meaning of a sentence in my own language. Because, I have no experience listening, just reading and writing only.

At the college here at IBC, I have many friends from different countries so that was a good opportunity for me to improve my English and learn how to communicate with the others, how to behave myself and get along with friends because we have different characteristics, thinking, nationality, culture etc.

Everyone has a different perspective so I should be openminded and accept the other’s differences. That was my valuable experience at IBC.

I really appreciate this place for giving me the opportunity to learn many things, like new-found knowledge and wisdom. I would like to especially thank the founder of IBC for the good of all IBC’s students.