From Shy Story-teller to a Confident person

By: Usha Chakma

I was fortunate to be able to join ten days Trip to Malaysia which enhanced my experiences. I am grateful to IBC and Ven. Zhen Yuan, Ven. Zhen Ti and Ven. Aggadhamma for including me in this unforgettable trip. This trip was wonderful for me because I learned many new things. Especially, my confidence level increased a little by telling a story to kindergarten students at Children camp. Usually, I am afraid to say something in front of others and become nervous. When I was assigned to prepare a story to share with kids, I felt as if a heavy metal fall on me because I never ever told a story in English. It was a big challenge for me. Merely, story-telling could have been a bit fine but I had to tell the story with action. I did not know how to act or make the sound of the Lion and mouse. Somehow, I managed to innovate the acts to go along with the story. Though I am not sure how I told and acted but this experience certainly helped me to be confident myself. I hope this experience will support me to improve myself day by day. Apart from story-telling at the Children camp in Kuala Lumpur I got few new ideas of drawing portrait, making paper birds, paper boat and modern art etc. I also learned from Than Wah Wan kindergarten students to be an independent person just like them as they are taught to do things by themselves. I saw they do their own work by themselves such as washing their food container, cushions to keep on the specific place. Compare to my country Bangladesh our kids cannot do their works because we do not teach them just like the kids of Than Wah Wan. Personally, I like such ways of teaching very much.

In Than Hsiang Temple’s camp I enjoyed lesson station games. From this camp, I learned how to work together in a team. Especially, the kids they respect elders and youngers and friends. They enjoy working together in a team. I liked their love for their parents and their gratefulness towards parents. I really appreciate Than Hsiang Temple for organizing this type of beneficial Buddhist camps every year.

In my life I have never been to old age home. But this trip gave me a chance to meet old folks at old age home run by Than Hsiang Temple. Usually, during youth one can do things independently. As we advance in age, our bodies become weak and feeble and need the help of others. Even in this old age, most of them are independent as they do their works by themselves. Seeing aged people, I felt pity for them and realized one day I will be like them. However, seeing their enthusiasm and lively nature, I enjoyed their company. I never sang, dance in front of others but I tried to entertain them in whatever I know. In fact, I enjoyed every minute with them. This was one of best valuable experiences I ever had.

Beside our camps we visited many beautiful places of Malaysia such as Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur and Kek Lok Si temple in Penang, Gunung Jerai Hill, archeological museum and also World Heritage site of Bujang Valley. However, the most interesting thing I liked was street art on the walls of Old buildings of George Town, Penang. Over all I liked every place that we visited. Personally, I love to travel to see different places and different cultures and traditions. Therefore, I am extremely happy with this trip as I learnt many new things from others and increased my experienced from different environment.

I am very thankful to Than Hsiang Temple committee for all the opportunities given to us in this educational trip. Particularly, my thank goes to Ven. Zhen Ti, Ven. Zhen Yuan for taking care of us like own mother. I know a thankful word would not be enough to express my deep gratitude for your services and caring. I do not know how to say ‘thanks,’ because I think, if I say thank you it will be not enough for you. I am incapable of finding an appropriate word to express my thanks. Personally, I owe you very much otherwise, without your help I could not learn anything.