Celebrating Kathina Offering at IBC, 2018

(Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 9 am at IBC Auditorium) Kathina ceremony is one of the most significant Buddhist festivals which is celebrated once in a year in Buddhist monastery. The Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony takes place after the completion of three months Rains Retreat (Vassa). As usual, this year's kathina is offered by local, Malaysian and IBC devotees to the Sangha.

Ceremony began with paying homage and offering Pūjā to the Triple Gem led by Phra Maha Narong Chaiyatha. Laity, led by Bro. Jaroon Chaibao, undertook the five precepts from the Sangha members.

Dr. Krishna Ghosh and Bro. Liu Zuhui led the offering of Kaṭhina robe and other requisites to the Mahāsangha. Ven. Singkham and Ven. Silar performed the Apalokana kamma and Ven. Anandajoti explained it in English.

As usual, the unique feature of IBC that is found only in IBC of its kind in the world, the chanting of three Buddhist traditions was offered one after another by the Mahasangha wishing peace, prosperity and well being of all the donors, supporters, all the sentient beings and Ven. Dr. Wei Wu.

Ven. Sumanarathana, our MA student, gave Dhamma sermon to the audience on Kaṭhina followed by taking group photo, offering of holy string and sprinkle of holy water to the laity.

Mahasangha sincerely thanked all the donors and organizers for the beautiful Kathina arrangement at IBC.