IBC Dean’s List and Warden’s List Awards for the second semester, 2018/2019 Academic Year

August 08, 2019 (Thursday), the International Buddhist College (IBC) presented Dean’s List and Warden’s List awards to the students who have performed very well in their academic and conduct performances in the second semester, 2018/19 academic year. The Most Ven. Dr. Wei Wu, the founder and council chairman of IBC, presided over the ceremony to present the Award of Dean’s List and Warden’s List to the award recipient students. The award ceremony was held in the Ksitigarbha Classroom with the presence of all IBC members.

Dean’s List awardees are:
1. Ven. Joy Barua (BA2)
2. Ven. Dhammobhasa (BA3)
3. Ven. Chew Moon Wui (BA4)
4. Ven. Rony Barua (MA1)

Warden’s List awardees are:
1. Ven. Niloy Barua (BA1)
2. Ven. Joy Barua (BA2)
3. Ven. Nishan Barua (BA2)
4. Ven. Jibok Barua (BA3)
5. Ven. Chew Moon Wui (BA4)
6. Ms. Dalipru Marma (MA1)
7. Ms. Phyo Pyae Sone Kyaw (MA1)
8. Ms. Usha Chakma (MA2)

Dean’s List and Warden’s List Awards are presented every semester to a student who achieved a minimum G.P.A. of 3.76 and above in both Academic and Conduct grading in that semester. For the Dean’s award, the student must have been enrolled as a full-time student, and have been graded on the minimum of 3 courses, with the completion of all courses on time.

Firstly, the Most Ven. Dr. Wei Wu congratulated the awardees and hoped that they will continue to do well and also wished other students good luck in their studies and conducts to achieve such awards in coming semesters.

The Dean’s List and Warden’s List Awards are two of the many awards that IBC offers every semester to its students for their dedication and outstanding achievement in Academic and Conduct performances. Prof. Kapila said that this kind of awards are unique features of IBC that has been initiated by Ven. Dr. Wei Wu to encourage students in their academic and conduct endeavors. IBC is providing a platform for students not only to achieve their higher knowledge of Buddhism but also, to develop their qualities of life in order to serve the mankind.

Last but not least, everyone transferred merits and metta by reciting gathas wishing well-beings for all the sentient beings.