Speech of Groundbreaking Ceremony of Sona Vihara - by Ven Zhen Chan

Respected Venerable members of the Maha-Sangha, Professors, Lecturers, Staff, Distinguished Guests, IBC Alumni members and students of IBC, a very good evening!

First of all, on behalf of International Buddhist College, I like to take this opportunity to extend our high appreciation and gratitude for your participation and support today for this momentous occasion. The groundbreaking ceremony this evening marks the commencement of construction for Sona Vihara, the first block of hostel for male lecturers, staff, and students.

The construction of the Sona Vihara as an effort to improve the accommodation facilities for our male teaching staff, as well as students means a lot to us, as we can provide spacious and more comfortable space for living.

We had chosen Sona Bhikkhu as the name of the vihara, because Sona Bhikkhu and another monk, Uttara Bhikkhu, were the first two Bhikkhus sent by King Asoka to spread Buddhism in Southeast Asia. They have contributed significantly to the history of the development of Buddhism in Southeast Asia. They traveled thousands of miles, overcome all kinds of hardships and life challenges, their spirit of selflessness, and their great mission of working for the good of many should be a good role model for all of us to learn.

With the blessings of Triple Gem, and all your great support and generosity, we shall continue to work harder and keep striving onwards for the good of many.

On behalf of the lecturers, staff, and students of IBC, again, I like to express my appreciation for your participation and support, let us work together, work hand in hand for the betterment of tomorrow.

Thank you!