Mahapajapati Vihara Opening Ceremony Speech

Most Ven. Dr. Wei Wu the founder and chairman of IBC, Most Venerable members of the Maha Sangha, Professors, Lecturers, Staff, Distinguished guest and students of IBC, a very good afternoon!

On this auspicious occasion of IBC Mahapajapati Vihara opening, I’m delighted to be given this opportunity to say a few words.

Mahapajapati Vihara is the first block of hostel for female lecturers, staff and students; it is also the first Vihara for our daily chanting in the Chinese Buddhist Tradition.

The improvement of this infrastructure means a lot to us, as we can live comfortably and peacefully with a bigger space of our own.

With all your kind generosity and support, I believe we can performed better in the future.

It is very meaningful to have our hostel named after Mahapajapati, the first Bhiksuni or Bhikkhuni in Buddhist Monastic order. She was a sister of Queen Maya, the mother of Prince Siddhartha, after Queen Maya passed away 7 days after the birth of Prince Siddhartha, she was the one who brought up Prince Siddhartha.

Both Queen Maya and Bhikshuni Mahapajapati are good examples of a lay person and a nun respectively for us to follow.

On behalf of the lecturers, staff and students of IBC, I express my appreciation to your participation, support today.

Let us work together for the good of the many.

Thank you!
By Ven Zhen Yuan, Director of Student Affairs

Unveiling of opening copper plaque was performed by Ven Zhen Xin (Than Hsiang Temple representative)

Ribbon cutting was performed by the donors and distinguished guests.