IBC Celebrates Pavarana on October 13, 2019

Celebration of pavārana, conclusion of Vassa is a special ceremony of paying homage to Triple Gem under the Bodhi Tree is an annual ritual at International Buddhist College (IBC), Thailand. This year Pavārana celebration was special with the addition of Sri Lankan style of Bodhi Pūjā. Whole area under the Bodhi tree has been prepared by some enthusiastic students from various countries to do the pūjā on the same full moon day. It was the lunar day October Full Moon, and had a doubt there would be raining on that night as to the concept of raining on the full moon day. Apart from that it was raining for the whole month on and off, therefore everybody had a doubt whether the pūjā could be held on that night or not.

Pavarana is observed by the Saṅgha members at the end of three months rainy retreat (vassāvāsa), by inviting fellow saṅgha members to correct the mistakes which have been seen, heard or doubted. It is very important for the Buddhist saṅgha to observe this crucial day to end the three months retreat.

IBC, being the multi-cultural Buddhist institution, stays together with different background Buddhist schools. It is utmost important to observe this secret day in order to lead a harmonious and friendly life.

IBC monks joined the local Sangha community of Sadao district to perform Vinaya activities in the afternoon. During that gathering, monks made atonement to each other for their mistakes or wrong doings that happened during three months Vassa (rains retreat).

In the evening, we all IBC members gathered in the chanting hall at 6:15 pm. We started the event with offering light to the Triple Gem and group chanting in Pāli. Then we had other five chanting sessions like Mahayana, Vajrayana, Sri Lankan, Myanmar and Laos tradition. Last but not the least, we had exclusive Buddhist Holy Gāthā recitation by three sisters, Ani Barua, Usha Chakma and Dalipru Marma in Bengali or Bangla. In the end, we together transferred merits to all sentient beings which is one of the main purposes of this holy day.

We enjoyed the best moment of collectiveness with the gathering of practitioners from three main Buddhist traditions like Mahayana, Theravada and Vajrayana.