Holy Kaṭhina Offering at IBC, 2019

(Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 9 am at IBC Auditorium) Kaṭhina Cīvara Dāna, the Holy Robe Offering Ceremony commonly known as Kaṭhina is one of the most significant Buddhist festivals, celebrated once in a year in a Buddhist monastery where residential monastics fulfill certain requirements in the Dhamma - Vinaya. The Kaṭhina Robe Offering Ceremony takes place after the completion of three months Rains Retreat (Vassa). This year's Kaṭhina is jointly offered by devotees of Thailand, Malaysia and IBC to the Mahāsangha of IBC. Some devotees and monastics from local temples of Hatyai and Sadao participated IBC Kaṭhina along with all IBC members.

Ven. Satyajit welcomed all the participants with the brief introduction of the program and pointed out that this yearly Kaṭhina event is extremely important for IBC students in the sense that IBC and Then Hsiang Temple carefully and earnestly try their best to provide useful requisites to the all students to be useful for their studies and practices.
Phra Maha Narong Chaiyatha made Pūjā to the Triple Gem and led the group chanting to kick off the ceremony. Laity undertook the five precepts from the Sangha members led by Phra Maha Wichai.

Phra Maha Narong, our PhD student, gave a Dhamma sermon to the audience on the significance and history of the Kaṭhina.

Dr. Krishna Ghosh Santhina and Sister Siew Chin led the offering of Kaṭhina robe and other requisites to the Mahāsangha. Phra Maha Narong and Ven. Saksith performed the Apalokana kamma and Ven. Satyajit translated it in English.

As usual, the unique feature of IBC that is found only in IBC of its kind in the world, the chanting of three Buddhist traditions was practiced one after another by the Mahāsangha wishing peace, prosperity and wellbeing of all the donors, supporters, late Thai King His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, all the sentient beings and Ven. Dr. Wei Wu.

Finally, there was a session of group photo, offering of holy string and sprinkle of holy water to the laity.

Mahāsangha sincerely thanked all the donors and organizers for the successful Kaṭhina arrangement at IBC.

At 12.30 pm Mahāsangha led the Kammavaca activity at the Wat Yang Tong temple to complete the IBC Kaṭhina ceremony of 2019.