Selection from Buddhist Arts Class 2020

The international Buddhist university is an institution of higher learning with three major traditions. You have enough time and space to master a comprehensive knowledge of Buddhism here. In 2020, we launched a new course -- Buddhist painting, which aims to carry forward the fine tradition, inherit the fine culture, promote the Buddhism doctrine, practice the human Buddhism thought, solemn land, tetra pak sentiment.

Students take the ideal as the inner flame, lighting the enthusiasm up for Buddhist painting; Taking the drawing board as the inner love, bearing the desire for Buddhist art; Taking the brush as the inner peace, express the pursuit of Buddhism.

Their unique perspective extends to the blue sky and white clouds, flowers, and trees, Buddhist history, being frozen on the drawing board and infiltrated in the scent of ink.

Today, on the campus with blooming flowers and eternal summer, they are going to present harvest results of the whole semester which are amazing. Although these works may not be perfect, they have made a great job. Ink illustrates all the romantic. Let's applaud these Buddhist artists!

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