A Joyful Fire Camp and Barbeque (BBQ) Evening

Reported By - Phyo Pyae
Date: 21 May 2020
On 26th April 2020, the International Buddhist College sponsored the Fire Camp and Barbeque party, which was intended for the mental and physical refreshment of the IBC family during Covid-19 lockdown. The party was initiated and led by Ven. Zhen Sheng and was participated by teachers, staff and students.

The discussion regarding the Fire Camp and BBQ party took place a week before the party. Ven. Zhen Sheng and others started the discussion on venue, preparation, and food as IBC is a pure vegetarian Buddhist institution. The venue was ultimately decided to be in the exercise zone between the IBC kitchen and female dormitory for the convenience sake for everyone. The job was allocated to different groups of students who took charge of food preparation, firewood arrangement, and venue preparation. The firewood for the Fire Camp was collected by Ven. Joy, Nishan, Shawon, Khem Yeng, Alone and so on. Ven. Auvi, Apurba, Anirban and Jibok prepared the BBQ cooktops, firewoods, and venue. Female students helped to prepare Parata and vegetable (Indian food), noddles, snacks, cool drinks while male students supported them by preparing chairs and tables.

Ven. Zhen Sheng gave a short speech to maintain social distance for individual and communal safety. The fire was set for the BBQ and Fire Camp. Sweet corns, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and potatoes were prepared for BBQ, which made this BBQ party a different and unique one. Due respect to the life of other living beings possibly the world’s first the vegetarian BBQ party ever organized by the Student Club. All enjoyed the Fire Camp and BBQ party with Parata, vegetables, fried noddles, snacks, cool drinks, and sweet potato, sweet corns and mushrooms BBQ.

As this was the first Fire Camp and BBQ party organized by IBC in IBC history, all were amused and delighted. It was not only a party but also a learning program and a way to develop an international brotherhood. It taught us how to have fun and joy in a community and how to maintain social distance in a group during the world crisis, like Covid-19 pandemic. It was an amazing and wonderful evening and a new experience for all the members of IBC.

Some snapshots of Fire Camp and BBQ party are attached herein.