Happy Pravāraṇā Pūrnīma (the last day of the three months rainy retreat)

Pravāraṇā is an auspicious day of observing on Ashwin full moon of the lunar month. It marks the end of the three lunar months of vassa (rainy retreat), sometimes called ‘Buddhist Lent’. Both Pali and Sanskrit recorded that the Buddha returned to his residing place after he taught Abhidharma to his mother who transcended into the Tavatimsa Heaven at the eve of Pravāraṇā full moon day.

In the Chinese Buddhist text, Maudgalyāyana wanted to saves his mother from the hell, after seeking the help of Buddha, who advised him to make merit to the Saṃgha and transfer it to his mother. This helped his mother to be reborn in heaven.
We shall take this precious opportunity to wish all living beings: May all living beings abide in well-being, in freedom from hostility, in freedom from ill-will, in freedom from anxiety, and may they maintain well-being in themselves. May all living beings be released from all suffering, and may they not be parted from the good fortune they have attained.