Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival) in International Buddhist College, 2020

Reported by: Shawon Barua
Mooncake festival is also known as the Mid-Autumn festival. It is the third major celebration in the Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese celebrate the mooncake festival on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is not only celebrated in China but also in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries. On this day, the people get together and rejoice through eating mooncake (round-shaped cake), lighting up lanterns, singing traditional songs and so on.
Following this lunar calendar, our renowned institution (International Buddhist College) also celebrated this auspicious occasion on 1st October through various religious and cultural activities. The day began with religious activities. All the IBC members gathered in the chanting hall at 7:30am. First, there was Theravada Pali chanting led by Venerable Gyanabodhi and later, Venerable Zhen Chan explained in detail about the mooncake festival and also led the Mahayana chanting.
In the evening, under the bright light of the full moon, the social program began. All the members of IBC gathered together on the campus ground. We started our evening celebration with chanting. Then, students and teachers from different countries sang religious and celebratory songs of their own tradition. We then lit the lanterns and walked around the whole area of IBC. The courtyard was brightly lighted. We floated the lanterns in the water too. Our Mooncake celebration came to an end by sharing merits and wishing all sentient beings to be happy and to be free from suffering.
In my country Bangladesh, I had never celebrated the Mooncake festival. It was thus a very special and interesting celebration for me. My sincere thanks to International Buddhist College for giving me and others the opportunity to have such a new experience. The Mooncake festival again displayed the unity of all IBC family members.

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