A Vote of Thanks and Gratitude

In October 2020, on the day of 20th, IBC Korat Education Center, located at Pak Thong Chai Town, was again having another big flood, which a similar incident happened about ten years ago. Many of our voluntary members, together with their group, came to help us before and after this unfortunate incident. There are also prayers and metta radiated from our well-wishers from various parts of the world for our safety and well beings.
Therefore, on behalf of the IBC Korat Education Center, I like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and high appreciation to everyone and our members who came to help in the cleaning and clearing works and also the kind donation for supporting us, especially after the flooding. They are
1. Maechee Srisalab and students from Mahapajapati Theri Buddhist College.
2. The Bangladeshi novices, who are studying at Korat and Mr. Anik Barua,
an alumnus of IBC.
3. Mr. Sengchoy Inthachack, an alumnus of IBC and his team members from
Vongchavalitkul University in Korat city.
4. Volunteers from the local community led by the Head of villagers.
5. Thai Royal Army group
6. Mrs. Manliya Sombutnun, our voluntary supporter who came to stay with us and
given her various supports throughout the flooding.
7. Representative monks and devotees from Bangkok Wat Panna Nantaram for their kind offering of food and cleaning equipment.
8. Madam KW Lye and group, Upasaka Han Koon and his friends, and Upasaka Kim
Seng for their kind donation (THB76,492.72 in total) to support the recovery after
9. Ven. Maha Boonlert, an alumnus of IBC.

Words by Ven. Dr. Zhen Chan
(Director of Korat Education Center)