2020: My Life in IBC

My name is Hong Mei Yue, BA Second year student. During my studies here, I have participated in various kinds of activities. There are many new activities which I can explore and experience from it. For example, in sports, Venerable Zhen Sheng and Venerable Saksith together with some students organized various kinds of sport activities, like badminton, cycling, table tennis and bowling competitions. I participated in two types of games, namely bowling and cycling. I did not win in any of the games, but I enjoyed myself a lot! The second activity is meditation. I had learnt meditation before, but the method taught here seems different and is something new to me. After practicing, I feel that meditation is good for me. I think it is beneficial to my health, and it has helped me calm my mind and not get angry easily.

Recently, I worked on a small handicraft project by following the idea of STEM. It stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. I also volunteered to work on the English teaching program at local schools. There are altogether four schools, of which three are kindergartens and one is a primary and secondary school. Young children are very lovely and creative. They are interested in coloring, singing, and learning English with us.

Teaching children involves not only knowledge but we also need to know how they feel and what they want in order to draw their attention. After each teaching session, we will have a discussion on the response and feedback of the students. This helps us prepare for our next teaching lesson. I taught the children Alphabet letters and recognizing things and words. During the Christmas and New Year celebrations, I also taught the children to made Santa Claus with paper plate and cotton, we too sang Christmas and New Year songs. In addition, I also taught them greeting songs like good morning, Hello, Thank you and Good-bye song. It is simple and the rhythm is easy to remember.

In the Primary and Secondary school, I volunteered to assist the main teacher for the Secondary class. The topics they had to learn included verb to be, simple conversations and constructing simple sentences. In order to enable the students to have fun while learning English, we also organized a “guessing words” game. They were divided into three groups and each group leader had to choose one word. Based on the chosen word, the group member will show some actions representing the word. The other two groups of members will then have to guess the word from the actions. I can see that the students enjoyed themselves during the English lessons.

In conclusion, I am glad to have participated in the various kinds of activities. I have gained a lot of experience. As a college student, I totally agree that we should participate in extra-curricular activities. The activities definitely help us build our skills and knowledge. It is also important for me to have further exploration in this life-long learning journey.

Reported by: Hong Mei Yue