My First Birthday Celebration at IBC

-By: Su Mon Kyaw
Every one of us is eager to celebrate our birthday. It comes only once in a year. Every year, we celebrate our birthdays with great joy and happiness. I want to share my birthday celebration which I celebrated last week. Basically, I used to celebrate my birthdays with my family, relatives and friends when I was at home. As I am now studying abroad, I had thought that I shall not be able to celebrate my birthday this year. Interestingly, this year has witnessed the most memorable birthday celebration for me!

It is IBC’s practice to celebrate the birthdays of students every month. There were a total of six students who were born in January. Although my birthday was on 27th January but for the convenience of the other students who were born in the same month, we celebrated our birthdays together on 29th of January, 2021. At 11.30 am on that day, all the IBC foreign students were present at our birthday party. It was indeed a complete surprise to see all of them!

For me, the cake cutting ceremony was the best part. IBC bought a big chocolate cake for all the students and the cake was put on the table in the center of the dining hall. IBC also arranged delicious food, various snacks and beverages for all the students as well as the professors and lecturers as they celebrate the students’ birthdays. Everyone sang the “Happy Birthday” song after which the candles were blown by us. This moment was really fascinating to me as people wished me “Happy Birthday” with great enthusiasm. Thereafter, we cut the cake and distributed to everyone who was present. IBC offered a piece of own-made birthday card to each of us with our photo on it. I shall always remember this colorful card and the birthday celebration because this was the very first time I had celebrated my birthday with international students and IBC administrators. Later, I was presented gifts by many friends and teachers and I really appreciated their presents.

Even though my parents were not present during my birthday celebration this year but IBC had provided me a perfect surprise by arranging all the activities. Indeed, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to IBC for making my birthday so exceptional. Undoubtedly, it was a great experience celebrating a personal event with IBC family members and I enjoyed it tremendously. Overall, my heartfelt gratitude goes to IBC and friends, classmates, lecturers, professors and staff as well as well-wishers who wished me “Happy Birthday” personally and on social media.