Bachelor of Arts Buddhist Studies: 120 credits over 4 years
"A comprehensive and in-depth study of Buddhism from a nonsectarian point of view."
Master of Arts Buddhist Studies: 36 credits over 3 regular semesters
"The possibility to study Buddhist philosophy in all its aspects and variations."
Ph. D. Buddhist Studies: 48 credits over 3 - 5 years
"For more balance of material and spiritual growth in an economically and technologically driven world."

The Bachelor of Arts Program is a 120 credit 8-semester programme aims to offer students a unique opportunity of experiencing a comprehensive and in-depth study of Buddhism from a nonsectarian point of view while promoting knowledge and understanding of the different schools and traditions within Buddhism.

The Master of Arts Program in Buddhist Studies aims to equip its participants with the currency of knowledge, skills and wisdom to serve humanity with Buddhist values. It is a 36-credit 3-semester program, which is intensive in approach and comprehensive in coverage.

The Master of Education Program in Early Childhood Education is designed based on the belief that preschool teachers and facilitators should not only be equipped with the most current knowledge and skills in early childhood education but a strong base in Buddhist values.

The Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies is an international program offered in Chinese and English medium. It is a 48-credit program that rests on the premise that graduates of the program will serve humanity in their useful employment as ethically upright professionals.