M.E. Program Early Childhood Education (ECE)

The International Buddhist College will start to offer a 2 year Master degree program for Early Childhood Education (ECE) in the new academic year commencing on July 12, 2010. It is a 48-credit 4-semester program. The program will be conducted in English at IBC main Campus.

Rationale of the Program

The Master of Education Program in Early Childhood Education is designed based on the belief that preschool teachers and facilitators should not only be equipped with the most current knowledge and skills in early childhood education but a strong base in Buddhist values to become effective, upright academics or professionals in kindergartens, Care Centers and schools.


The course is therefore designed to increase knowledge in specific areas as well as to prepare for future teaching with a sequence of course work in the theory and practice of education and provide students with field experiences. During Practicum, students are given the opportunity to observe, participate and apply what they have learnt in nursery or preschool classrooms.

This course focuses on developing graduates:

  1. To be well-rounded in both academic and practical aspects of Early Childhood Education;
  2. To be effective and competent professionals and scholars in Early Childhood Education;
  3. To have the ability to think in a constructive, analytical and synthetic manner;
  4. To become self-directed and lifelong learners;
  5. To become effective communicators; and
  6. To exhibit moral and ethical excellence.

The programme is currently under review, more Information will follow soon.