"The International Buddhist College is the realization of the vision of establishing an international institute of higher learning offering quality Buddhist education within a spiritually dedicated, non-sectarian, modern and scholastic environment."
"IBC offers students a unique opportunity of experiencing a comprehensive and in-depth study of Buddhism from a non-sectarian point of view, while promoting knowledge and understanding of the different schools and traditions."
"IBC is a truly international College. The community is a culturally and traditionally diverse group with teachers, students and staff coming form various parts of the world."

IBC News

Reported By: Hong Mei Yue
This was the second time I participated in the mid-autumn celebration of IBC. It was special because we were...

Reported by: Shawon Barua
Mooncake festival is also known as the Mid-Autumn festival. It is the third major celebration in the...

Ven. Thích Nữ An Ngữ
(Lê Thị Ngọc Hòa)
On 1st October, 2020, at 9.00 am, in the Pali Chanting Hall, the International...

Reported by: Ven. Saksith Sounthone
On 5th July 2020, the International Buddhist College (IBC) held the celebration of Asalha...

IBC Announcements

Pravāraṇā is an auspicious day of observing on Ashwin full moon of the lunar month.

IBC will be holding a Mid-Autumn Dharma Assembly in conjunction with celebrating the auspicious full moon mid-autumn (a.k.a.